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Armed Forces Day Coloring Pages

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       Armed Forces Day Coloring - Holiday Activity Pages

    Armed Forces Day Coloring Page Sheets

    Armed Forces Day coloring pages make a fun learning exercise to help teach about the changing season and some of the seasonal activities. We have a great collection of easy Armed Forces Day coloring pages to help teach and learn. Most of our holiday coloring pages are a great learning tools!

    Armed Forces Day Coloring Page - Soldiers marching

    Armed Forces Day Coloring Page - Nurse

    Armed Forces Day Coloring Page - Aircraft Carrier

    Armed Forces Day Coloring Page - 9-11 Navy Seals

    Armed Forces Day Coloring Pages

  • Revolutionary War Marines 1775
  • Commodore Perry and US Marines
  • US Marines at Panama Canal - 1904
  • Spanish/American War
  • WW1 US Marine, Sailor, & Soldier Marching
  • US Army World War I battlefield
  • US Army D-Day - World War II
  • US Army Soldier - World War II
  • US Army Paratrooper - World War II
  • US Marines on patrol
  • US Marines from a ship
  • US Army Ranger repelling down a cliff
  • Air Force Pilot
  • Air Force Pilot scramble to plane
  • Navy female in dress uniform
  • Navy female officer
  • Navy nurse
  • US Navy Officer - duty uniform
  • US Marine Officer - field uniform
  • US Marine Officer - dress uniform
  • Marine on parade field for inspection
  • US Navy aircraft carrier WW-II
  • US Navy Torpedo Bomber
  • Air Force Jets dogfight
  • Air Force Bomber B52
  • Navy Jets
  • Air Force Jets
  • US Navy Ships
  • US Navy Destroyer
  • US Navy Cruiser
  • US Coast Guard Patrol boat
  • US Navy submarine
  • US Navy aircraft carrier
  • US Army Insigina
  • US Navy Insigina
  • US Marine Insigne
  • 9-11 Memorial Page
  • USA Loves Navy Seals
  • US Navy Seals - Insigne
  • In the United States, Armed Forces Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in May. The day was created in 1949, and was a result of the consolidation of the military services in the Department of Defense. It was intended to replace the separate Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Days, but observance of these days, especially within each particular service, continues to this day.

    Armed Forces Day is an annual American holiday honoring all members of the US Armed Forces Day. While Armed Forces Day is a recognized holiday, it is NOT one of the ten major annual Federal holidays.


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