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       Farm Vehicles Coloring Pages for kids

       Coloring Pages of Farm Vehicles

    Farm vehicles are popular because everybody is facinated by a large machine! Coloring pages of farm tractors and farm equipment are very helpful for teaching. These pages are especially useful to teach youth about farm machinery and their many roles on the farm.

    Review the list of farm vehicle and machinery coloring pages below and click on the ones you would like to see. Once you have selected a coloring page you can view the rest of the pages within this category by clicking on the NEXT PAGE function available at the top of each coloring page.

    Farm Tractor Coloring Page

    Tractors Coloring and Learning pages

  • Tractors 1 - A farmer on a tractor in the field
  • Tractors 2 - A man sitting on on a tractor
  • Tractors 3 - A man driving a tractor with caterpillar treads
  • Tractors 4 - A farmer driving a tractor
  • Tractors 5 - A man driving a tractor with and enclosed cab
  • Tractors 6 - A farmer driving a FORD tractor in a field
  • Tractors 7 - A family teaching a boy about tractor safety
  • Tractors 8 - A man driving a tractor that is tipping back
  • Tractors 9 - A farmer driving a tractor with a plow attachment
  • Tractors 10 - A tractor in the barn yard
  • Tractors 11 - A tractor in the field with a seed spreader
  • Tractors 12 - A farmer driving a tractor outside the barn
  • Tractors 13 - A farmer sitting on a large tractor at a corn field
  • Hay Wagon Coloring Page

    Other Farm Equipment and Machines Coloring pages

  • Lawn Mower 1 - A farmer on a lawn tractor (mower) in the yard
  • Lawn Mower 2 - A lawn tractor (mower) ready to be started
  • Lawn Mower 3 - A woman driving a lawn tractor (mower)
  • Hay Stacker - An old style hay lift used to stack dry hay in the field
  • Hay Baler - A modern hay bailer
  • Thresher 1 - A thresher machine in the field
  • Thresher 2 - A old-time stationary thresher machine
  • Thresher 3 - A man driving a thresher machine
  • Truck 3 - A farm truck picking up the milk
  • Wagon 4 - A hay wagon with children on top
  • Wagon 5 - A hay wagon being pulled by a horse


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