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       Farm Coloring Pages for kids

    Farm Life and Farm Activities Coloring Pages

    Farm life coloring pages are a great way to teach pre-K thru 5th grade the different aspects of farm life. These pages show some of the scenes of what farm life might belike, displays of children (and adults) doing farm chores or farm work, and some scenes of just farm fun. Farm life coloring pages are fun to print and color and have a discussion about what is happening within each scene.

    Farm Life Coloring Pages

    Review the list of farm-life coloring pages below and click on the ones you would like to see. Once you have selected a coloring page you can view the rest of the pages within this category by clicking on the NEXT PAGE function available at the top of each coloring page.

    Farm Scenes and Settings Farm Scenes and Settings Coloring and Learning pages

  • Farm Scenes 1 - Farm barn and silo along a dirt road
  • Farm Scenes 2 - A barn and cows along a dirt road
  • Farm Scenes 3 - A Farm barn, sunflowers and a butterfly
  • Farm Scenes 4 - Chickens and geese eating grain in the barn yard
  • Farm Scenes 5 - A rooster standing on a fence post crowing
  • Farm Work and Chores Farm Work and Chores Coloring and Learning pages

  • Farm Chores 1 - A boy feeding some hay to a new calf
  • Farm Chores 2 - A girl collecting eggs from the chickens
  • Farm Chores 3 - A girl and her mother raking leaves
  • Farm Chores 4 - A boy and his dad planting a garden
  • Farm Chores 5 - A girl and a boy outside in the country
  • Farm Chores 6 - Boy feeding the chickens grain from a pot
  • Farm Chores 7 - Boy milking a goat in the barn
  • Farm Chores 8 - A farmer and his wife trying to chase the pigs
  • Farm Chores 9 - A farmer getting some hay
  • Farm Chores 10 - An ax on a chopping block ready to chop wood
  • Farm Chores 11 - A boy and his dog herding the sheep
  • Farm Chores 12 - A boy milking a cow in the barn
  • Farm Chores 13 - A boy feeding some fresh milk to a calf
  • Farm Fun and Family Farm Fun and Family Coloring and Learning pages

  • Farm Fun 1 - A boy lying in the grass beside a stream
  • Farm Fun 2 - Three children looking through the fence
  • Farm Fun 3 - A farm boy and girl having breakfast
  • Farm Fun 4 - Children showing their sheep at the county fair
  • Farm Fun 5 - Children riding on the hay wagon


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