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Canada Day Coloring Page Sheets

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       Canada Day - Dominion Day Coloring Pages

    Canada's Birthday Coloring Pages

    This is our collection of Canada Day coloring sheets. There are lots of fun scenes from across Canada and maps of the Canadian Provences. We have images of the Canadian flag and the Coat of Arms for each provence. We have a great collection of easy Canada Day coloring pages to help teach and learn.

    Canada Day Coloring Pages - Canadian Coat-of-Arms

    Canada Day Day Coloring Sheet - Canadian Parliament Building

    Canada Day Coloring Coloring Pages

  • Canada Coat of Arms, of each Canadian Provence
  • Dancers and athletes celebrate at Canada Day games
  • Canadian Mounties - Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Changing of the Guard - Parliament Building - Ottawa
  • Entrance to Parliament Building - Ottawa
  • Color the Flag of Canada
  • The Northwest Terratories - Map / Coat of Arms
  • British Columbia - Map / Coat of Arms
  • The Prairies - Map(s) / Coat(s) of Arms
  • Ontario - Map / Coat of Arms
  • Quebec - Map / Coat of Arms
  • Newfoundland - Map / Coat of Arms
  • The Maritimes - Map(s) / Coat(s) of Arms
  • Canadian Mountie holding the Mace of Northwest Territories
  • Map of Western Canada
  • Map of Eastern Canada
  • Unified Map of Canada
  • July 1st marks the day (in 1867) when several of the separate provences of Canada came together to form a confederation as a "Dominion of the British Empire". This effectively established Canada as a separate kingdom, the date was originally known as "Dominion Day" and "Confederation Day", and later called "Canada's Birthday". Canada would gradually become more autonomous and finally be fully separate from the British Parliament in 1982, when the Constitution Act patriated the Canadian constitution.

    Canada Day coloring pages are a popular activity for early school children to learn about the history of this day.


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