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       Dinosaur Coloring Pages for kids

       Dinosaurs Coloring Pages - Procompsognathus

    Procompsognathus may have been about 1.2 meters long (4 ft). A biped, it had long hind legs, short arms, large clawed hands, a long slender snout with many small teeth, and a stiff tail. It lived in a relatively dry, inland environment and may have eaten insects, lizards, and other small prey.

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    Procompsognathus - Dinosaur Coloring page

    Procompsognathus is a small theropod dinosaur that lived during the Late Triassic Period, about 222 to 219 million years ago. The name is derived from Compsognathus meaning 'elegant jaw', which was a later (Jurassic) dinosaur. The prefix pro implies 'before' or 'ancestor of', although this direct lineage is not supported by subsequent research.

    Kids love to color Dinosaurs and imagine what they looked like millions of years ago. Dinosaur coloring pages are a great way to teach early earth history.


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    Procompsognathus - Dinosaur Coloring page