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       Dinosaur Coloring Pages for kids

       Dinosaurs Coloring Pages - Struthiomimus

    Struthiomimus (meaning "ostrich mimic", or "imitator") is a dinosaur from the late Cretaceous and lived arounf current day Alberta, Canada. It was a long-legged, ostrich-like dinosaur that stood about 1.4 meters (4.6 ft) tall at the hips, and 4.3 meters long (14 ft) it weighed around 150 kilograms (330 lb). Struthiomimus are believed to have been a herbivore or omnivore rather than a carnivore.

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    Struthiomimus - Dinosaur Coloring page

    Kids love to color Dinosaurs and imagine what they looked like millions of years ago. Dinosaur coloring pages are a great way to teach early earth history.


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    Struthiomimus - Dinosaur Coloring page