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Dot to Dot Pages - Kids Activity Page Sheets

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      Dot-to-Dot Coloring Activity Pages - Follow the Dots Sheets

      Connect the Dots - Activity Pages for kids

    "Dot-to-Dot" (sometimes called: "connect-the-dots" or "follow-the-dots") are a type of coloring activity pages designed to help teach kids how to identify and associate shapes and colors with objects. The fun Dot to Dot activity sheets are like a combination between a "hidden-picture" and a "puzzle" that can be used as a coloring page once completed. Print out several of our "Dot to Dot" beginner's coloring pages for your student (or your class) and have some FUN !

    Dot to Dot Sheets Easy

    Dot to Dot Pages for Kids

    Easy Dot to Dot Pages - Activity Coloring Sheets

  • Monkey and Ball Dot to Dot sheet
  • Squirrel in tree Dot to Dot page
  • Dancing Elephant Dot to Dot
  • Bushy tail squirrel Dot to Dot sheet
  • Wise Owl Dot to Dot page
  • Night Owl Dot to Dot sheet
  • Elephant Dot to Dot
  • Flamingo Dot to Dot page
  • Pigs on a Farm Dot to Dot sheet
  • Apples, Corn, Pumpkin Dot to Dot
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Dot to Dot
  • Butterfly and flowers Dot to Dot page
  • Tug Boat Dot to Dot sheet
  • Snowman with a snow shovel Dot to Dot
  • Snowman with a top hat Dot to Dot page
  • Dutch girl with Flowers Dot to Dot sheet
  • Holiday Dot to Dot Sheets

    Holiday Dot-to-Dot - Activity Sheet Pages

  • Easter Duckling Dot to Dot sheet
  • Pete Cottontail and a CAT Dot to Dot
  • Peter Cottontail hiding Easter Dot to Dot sheet
  • Easter Chick Connect the Dots page
  • Carrots for the Easter Bunny Dot to Dot
  • Easter Basket Dot to Dot sheet
  • Mother's Day Rose Flower display Dot to Dot sheet
  • Mother's Day Tulip Flowers Connect the Dots page
  • Hansel and Grettle dot-to-dot activity sheet

    Nurshery Rhyme and Fairy Tale Connect the Dots

  • Hansel and Gretel gingerbread house Connect the Dot sheet
  • Goldilocks and the three bears Connect the Dot page
  • The Elves and the Shoemaker fairy tale Connect the Dot
  • Prince Charming fairy tale Connect the Dot
  • Jack be Nimble - Jack be Quick Connect the Dot
  • Jack be Nimble - Candlestick Connect the Dot
  • Dot to Dot Pages | Classic Connect the dots

    Classic Connect-the-Dots Activity Sheets

  • Street Car / Eye Glasses Connect the Dot sheet
  • Maze and Farm combo Connect the Dot page
  • Three-in-One Connect the Dot
  • Classic "Follow-the Arrows" Connect the Dot
  • Classic "Draw-the lines" Connect the Dot
  • Polieceman's Badge Connect the Dot
    Follow the Dots Activity Sheets

    Kids love to spend time with our fun and easy Dot to Dot Coloring Activity Sheets which feature lots of challenging pcture to complete. Our Nurshery Rhyme and Fairy Tale Connect the Dots sheets are great to go with your favorite bedtime story and the Classic Connect-the-Dots Activity Sheets are a blast form the past!


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