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BlueBonkers Coloring Pages

BlueBonkers.com - Kids Activity Sheets

BlueBonkers provides the highest quality learning activities: Coloring and Counting activities, Math practice sheets, Puzzles, Spelling Games, and Reading Stories and activities.

  • Math Pratice Sheets - Homework and In-Class Math Pratice Sheets
  • Nursery Rhyme Coloring Pages - Classic Mother Goose Coloring
  • Maze Puzzles, Word Puzzles, and Sudoku Puzzle Sheets
  • Connect the Dots Coloring Pages
  • Online Coloring
  • BlueBonkers Coloring Pages

    BlueBonkers.com Coloring Pages

    BlueBonkers provides the highest quality learning activities: Coloring and Counting activities, Math practice sheets, Puzzles, Spelling Games, and Reading Stories and activities.

  • Boys and Girls Coloring Page Sheets
  • Vehicle Coloring Pages - Cars / Trucks / Trains / Planes / Ships
  • TV & Movie Characters and Superheros Coloring Pages
  • USA-Printables US history Coloring Pages

    USA-Printables.com Coloring Pages

    USA-Printables features hundreds of pages of classic line-art depicting: USA history, USA locations, and Historic events in USA history as coloring pages for teaching history and coloring fun.

  • Historic Places and Symbols in the USA:
  • Historic Events in US History
  • The 50 States Coloring Pages
  • US Presidents Coloring Pages
  • Bible-Printables Coloring Pages

    Bible-Printables.com Coloring Pages

    Bible-Printables provides Church Educators, Sunday School teachers, and home-schooling Christians with a source of bible Coloring pages, Bible stories, Prayers and Graces, and Christian Song Lyrics.

  • Printable Bible Story Coloring Sheets
  • Printable Bible Stories
  • Printable Prayers and Devotions
  • Printable Bible Songs & Hymns - Lyrics Sheets
  • Math Aids math worksheets


    Math-Aids.Com is a highly recommended educational website for both teachers and parents. This site provides printable math worksheets that are fun and educational for children of all ages.Math-Aids.Com provides you with high quality math worksheets that are not only individually and dynamically created but they also include a large range of math topics with a variety of content. The topics range from the basic addition, division multiplication, and subtraction to more difficult topics such as fractions decimals, geometry and many more. The kindergarten worksheets and hundreds chart are a great resource to use while your children are preparing for their first year in elementary school and for practice during the year.

    HonkingDonkey Animal Coloring Pages


    HonkingDonkey is a premiere Kids educational web site featuring classic kids coloring artwork and elementary educational activities for Pre-K through 5th grade kids. HonkingDonkey’s theme features an abundance of free printable Farm and Animal coloring pages and activity sheets for teaching primary grade children. Hundreds of animal and farm coloring pages in a rural classic Americana setting along with holiday art pages for coloring fun.

  • Animal Coloring Page Sheets – An extensive collection of Wild animals, Zoo animals, Farm animal, and Dinosaur coloring pages.
  • Seasons of the Year Coloring Pages - Featuring coloring pages for every season, easy and simple Pre-K, coloring page sheets.
  • Holiday Coloring Pages – Classic coloring art pages of all major holidays
  • ABC – Alpahabet Coloring Pages – Features seven complete series of ABC – Alpahabet Coloring and learning page sheets
  • Free Kids Stories - A wonderful collection of Classic Children’s Reading Stories and Mother Goose Rhymes and songs



    Recommended Quality Coloring Sites
    - BlueBonkers
    - Learning-Years
    - Bible-Printables
    - Crazy4Planes
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